Research Areas

Heart Failure
  • How do environmental cues, such as metabolism, regulate cardiac structure and function?
  • What regulates fibroblast activation?
  • What do fibroblasts do during heart failure?
  • How do fibroblasts interact with leukocytes in the failing heart?
  • How do leukocytes interact with the extracellular matrix during heart failure?
  • What biomechanics changes occur during heart failure and how are such changes regulated?
Physical Activity/Exercise
  • What are the structural consequences of physical activity on the heart?
  • How does physical activity alter cell function in the heart?
  • How can insights from physical activity be applied to the failing heart?
  • Can physical activity be used as an intervention in heart failure? If so, how does the benefit occur?
Other Areas of Interest
  • Cardiovascular aging
  • Cardiohepatic interactions
  • Risk factors (such as diabetes) in the development of disease


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